Head Shot Photography for Actors & Models Sydney

This image was shot for a young up and coming actor and filmmaker for his new website and for his pitching presentation.

This photoshoot took place in my home studio with a 3 light set up shot on my Hasselblad H4D with an 80mm lens.

Key light is a 120 x 60 softbox lighting up the right side of the actors face and providing catch light in the eyes. Edge light is a 120 x 30 softbox lighting the right side of the face giving definition to cheak and adding 3 dimensionality to the image.

Lastly the 3rd light is a background light, using a fresnel attachment to get that halo effect over the shoulders to separate the subject from the background.

Actor Photo Shoots in Sydney

Generally we start with a casual chat to discuss the best way in which to approach your headshots. We then create a lighting set up that will best optimise the look we’re going for. During the session we’ll work together taking a series of images for each look or outfit.

Whether your a professional actor looking to update your portfolio or an aspiring actor looking for a professional headshot photographer in Sydney Alan can help.