Social Media Influencer Model Photography Sydney

This image was shot for an Instagram Influencer to highlight her versatility in modeling different products and showcasing different looks.

This particular image was shot to focus on the sunglasses which she showcased to her Instagram followers.

Photography session took place in my home studio, with a 4 light set up shot on my Hasselblad H4D with an 80mm lens.

Key light is a 120 x 60 softbox lighting up the right side of the models face and providing catch light in the sunglasses. Edge light is a 120 x 30 softbox lighting the right side of the face giving definition to cheak and adding 3 dimensionality to the image. The 3rd light is a background light, using a fresnel attachment to get that halo effect over the shoulders to separate the subject from the background. An additional 120 x 30 softbox lighting the models right arm and shoulder.

Social Media Online Marketing Photography Sydney

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